About Me

Welcome to my blog. I hope you find some useful information here but there are a few things I’d like to make clear.

Originally I was going to keep the blog private because it's not uncommon for me to write about things I’m unfamiliar with. Writing helps me to understand. I blog about things that I’m learning as well as things I have difficulty in remembering, or solutions to everyday problems I encounter. Please use the information contained in the blog with care. I’ll try to put warnings where I think it is likely that I'm at risk of misunderstanding or misconception.

I’m a software developer with over 17 years experience. In the commercial environment I’ve worked with a number of technologies including Java and Microsoft but now focus strongly on the Microsoft stack mostly using C#. Having said that I've always got my eye on new technologies and I love learning new things.

I used to consider myself part of the what was known as the Alt .Net movement. I am very keen on SOLID development principles and have embraced techniques such as Dependency Injection (DI), Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), and Unit testing and mocking. I am a big fan of design patterns.

I'm am currently a Technical Engineering Manager at Ticketmaster where I'm responsible for the delivery of ticketing solutions for some of the highest-profile sporting events you can think of.

Anyway, read and enjoy. Happy coding.