Sunday, 18 July 2010

Visual Studio 2010 keyboard shortcuts

Here are a bunch of keyboard shortcuts for Visual Studio 2010 that I find useful but keep forgetting.

Code completion

Ctrl + Period (.) - Expands the Smart Tag Menu (e.g. to add a ‘using’ statement).
Tab - Inserts expanded code snippet using a shortcut (for example type ‘class’ and hit Tab twice)
Ctrl + Space - Completes the current word in the completion list

Building, running and debugging

Ctrl + Shift + B - Build the solution (also try F6)
F5 - Start the application with Debugging
Ctrl + F5 - Start the application without Debugging
F9 - Sets or Removes a breakpoint at the current line


Ctrl + ] - Moves the cursor to the matching brace in the source file
Ctrl + Hyphen (-) - Moves cursor to its previous position
Ctrl + Shift + Hyphen (-) - Moves cursor to the next browsed line of code
Shift + F7 - Switch between the Design and Source View of the document
Ctrl + Shift + F - Displays the ‘Find in Files’ tab of the ‘Find and Replace’ dialog box
Shift + F12 - Displays a list of all references for the symbol selected
Ctrl + / - Moves focus to the Find/Command box


Shift + Alt + Enter - Toggle Full Screen Mode
Ctrl + M + O - Collapses all Regions to provide a high level overview of the types and members in the source file
Ctrl + M + L - Toggles all previously collapsed Regions
Shift + Esc - Closes the current Tool Window with focus

Other shortcuts

Ctrl + Alt + L - Show Solution Explorer
Ctrl + Shift + A - Displays the Add New Item dialog box
Alt + Shift + A - Displays the Add Existing Item dialog box