Tuesday 17 May 2011

Refreshing attribute table data in ArcMap

I’ve been working on a piece of code that updates data in an attribute table in ArcGIS. As part of integration testing it was necessary to setup test data using ArcMap and then run the code which would modify other data. Unfortunately, even though the code appeared to be working, the data in ArcMap didn’t look like it had changed. Even closing the ArcMap attribute table view and reopening it didn’t have any effect. I recalled that ArcGIS can use versioning so it occurred to me that this might be part of the problem. I realised I needed to refresh the data but couldn’t remember how to do it. It turns out I needed to use the Versioning toolbar.
  • Right-click on the toolbar area at the top of the ArcMap screen.
  • In the pop-up menu scroll to the bottom and tick Versioning to open the Versioning tool bar.
  • Click the Refresh icon on the Versioning toolbar.
Figure 1 – Right-click on the toolbar area.

Figure 2 – The Versioning tools (the Refresh icon circled).
Tuesday 17 May 2011