Thursday 19 July 2012

Enabling failed request tracing in IIS 7 on Windows Server 2008

Make sure failed request tracing (FRT) is installed

You can tell if FRT is installed because when you open the IIS manager and select a web site the option to Failed Request Tracing… option is missing.



Fig 1 - IIS Manager with no Failed Request Tracing… option


To enable this feature:

1. Open the Server Manager.

2. Expand Roles and select Web Server (IIS).



Fig 2 – The Server Manager


3. Scroll down to the Role Services section.

4. The Tracing feature will not be installed.



Fig 3 – Tracing feature not installed.


4. Click Add Role Services.

5. Enable Tracing.


Fig 4 – Enable Tracing


6. Click Next etc. to install the feature.

7. Close the Server Manager and reopen the IIS Manager and select a web site.

8. Failed Request Tracing… is now available.



Fig 5 – Failed Request Tracing… is now available.


9. Click on Failed Request Tracing… and select Enable.

10. Click OK.



Fig 6 – Enable Failed Request Tracing…

Thursday 19 July 2012