Saturday 26 December 2015

Bitdefender and the hard sell

Update 03/01/2016 – My issue was resolved by BitDefender (see details at the end of the post).

OK, so I’ve been using Bitdefender again. I should know better I guess after the trouble I had in the past (e.g. Are BitDefender (Avangate/Digital River) behaving like confidence tricksters?, BitDefender and underhanded automatic re-subscription, and more besides).

Now they have taken to spamming me every single day and often more than once a day with this little gem that pops up on my desktop.


There is no way of stopping this pop-up as far as I can see. I have 115 days left on my subscription so am I to expect this to appear every single day until I renew?

Bitdefender, thanks for the offer but now let me decline and stop this goddam thing from hogging my desktop. I will renew when I want to renew which will be at the end of the current license period. At that time you will make an offer of how much it will cost me and I will make my own mind up whether it’s acceptable or not. If not, I will take my business elsewhere.

Make the pop-ups go away!

Update 03/02/106

BitDefender gave me the following instructions via Twitter:

  1. Open Bitdefender
  2. Click on the human-shaped button, in the upper right corner
  3. Click on Settings (General Settings)
  4. Remove the check-mark next to "Display special offers and product notifications".


Now I checked the settings before and really can’t remember seeing this option (obviously). Anyway, hopefully this will make the ads go away. I’ll keep you posted if it doesn’t.