Saturday 4 August 2018

How to send files to a Raspberry Pi from Windows 10

This post refers to a Raspberry Pi 3b+ running Raspbian Stretch.

A quick note; I’m going to use the PuTTy Secure Copy client (PSCP) because I have the PuTTy tools installed on my Windows machine.


In this example I want to copy a file to the Raspberry Pi home directory from my Windows machine. Here’s the command format to run:

pscp -pw pi-password-here filename-here pi@pi-ip-address-here:/home/pi

Replace the following with the appropriate values:

  • pi-password-here with the Pi user password
  • filename-here with the name of the file to copy
  • pi-ip-address-here with the IP address of the Raspberry Pi

The following example includes the –r option to copy over a directory – actually a Plex plugin – rather than a single file to the Pi.