Sunday 20 April 2014

BitDefender subscription update

OK, here’s an update to the situation regarding my BitDefender subscriptions (see previous post Are BitDefender (Avangate/Digital River) behaving like confidence tricksters?).

I had a couple of emails waiting for me this morning. There has been some movement, but not on everything.

Step 8 - Subscription cancellation (huzzah!)

BitDefender have cancelled my “BitDefender Internet Security 2013 subscription”. Thank you BitDefender. Thank goodness for that.

However, I note that they have not cancelled the automatic renewal of the BitDefender Internet Security 2014 subscription so I’m going to have to do that separately again. I’m going to use the email address I was given on Twitter (see below).

Step 9 - Twitter power

Well, yesterday I popped an update on Twitter and it looks like BitDefender heard me. I’m now going to contact them using the email address they provided ( to get the automatic renewal of the 2014 subscription cancelled. Let’s see what happens then.