Tuesday 8 December 2015

Saving an SSH key when using Git

Note to self: Here’s a quick reminder about how to save an SSH key for use with Git command line operations. You should have your private key file already. Following this procedure makes the OpenSSH key file available to Git command line operations against a repository that requires authentication.

Step 1 - Open PuTTygen and load your private key file. Enter your pass phrase when prompted.

2015-12-08 10_25_54-PuTTY Key Generator

Step 2 – Export the OpenSSH key using the Conversions > Export OpenSSH key menu item.


Step 3 – Save the file to the .ssh folder in your user home directory. Name the file id_rsa.


Step 4 – When you use a Git command line operation that requires authentication expect to be prompted for the pass phrase.