Friday 3 June 2016

Enter RSA passphrase once when using Git bash

When using Git bash it can become annoying if you have to enter your RSA passphrase every time you perform a remote operation. You can easily prevent this by using ssh-agent and running it when Git bash first runs.

Open a text editor and create a new text file. Paste the following bash script into the file:

#! /bin/bash 
eval `ssh-agent -s` 
ssh-add ~/.ssh/*_rsa

Note that my RSA key file is called id_rsa and is stored in the .ssh folder in my user’s home directory.

Save the file created above as .bashrc in your user’s home directory. Now, when you start a Git bash session you should be prompted for your passphrase. This will remain active for the duration of the session and you won’t have to enter it again.


See Saving an SSH key when using Git for info on generating the RSA key file.